Giving your home a softer feel. 


Bring your décor together with a great look using patterned or coloured carpets.


Choosing a quality carpet and a quality underlay could also help save on energy bills.

Carpet Fitting & Supply Wirral & Surrounding Areas

We are a friendly and competent carpet supplier/installer in the Wirral and nearby surroundings. We do various quality and brands of carpets.

Whether you are looking to buy quality bedroom carpet or a hardwearing stair carpet, there are options available. Just ask. Some manufacturers are now able to offer years of wear warranty and bleach cleanable carpets which adds reassurance – should there be the need to clean your carpet from any spillage.

Tip: prior to buying your carpet, we would always recommend speaking with a professional as there are things to consider that can help in finding you the ideal carpet.

Natural carpets can be slightly different. If you are looking to buy wool carpet for instance, there are different blends available. 80/20 wool is popular but there are other blends to choose from.

Other natural flooring such as Sisal, Jute or Seagrass are all great for anyone looking to buy and is familiar with these products. Again, we recommend speaking to a professional or contact us with any questions. We are happy to help.