Cloud 9 Underlay – Fresh Success

Cloud 9 is getting fresh with underlay in
pioneering a drive towards improved air
quality and floor hygiene in the home.
Cloud 9 domestic underlay ranges are now certified by
Eurofins – Europe’s leading product testing
authority – as having achieved its Indoor Air
Comfort (IAC) Gold standard, classified as
“best-in-class products with low emissions
that are good for indoor air quality.”
Customers who are increasingly aware of their home
environment and are looking to buy quality
Cloud 9 underlays can rely on this air quality
rating as an extra incentive.
Performance and comfort has
never been so fresh and fragrant.
This certification sits alongside Ball & Young’s
initiative in introducing the Ultra Fresh
treatment to its product range, a technology
that has proven to be effective, durable, safe
and fully tested for advanced microbiological

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