It’s all about the standards

It's all about the standards

It’s all about the standards – carpet installation

Did you know that carpet installation, like all flooring, should always follow the British Standards?

The British Standards for textile flooring sets the standards and outline the code of practices for different types of carpets, however, it also make the point of installing carpets to rooms that are larger than certain meterage. Large living rooms, bedrooms and certainly loft conversions require power stretching. In fact for any room of certain length in meters – this is the standard! A power stretcher ensures that your carpet is stretched to the right tension. A room fitted with a normal kicker may look similar at first, but without the right stretch, the carpet can wear and look flattened in just a few years. A carpet lacking in tension may also cause ripples to appear and over time, if ignored, can become a potential trip hazard.

Carpet manufacturers usually offer wear warranties when buying new carpet. These vary in length depending on the carpet and the brand. However, all warranties will only be guaranteed if the work is fitted to correct standard. For larger rooms, this will only be achieved using a power stretcher: not a knee kicker. Buying a carpet is always an investment that normally takes a bit of thinking especially if you are in the process of decorating. You want your carpet to last as long as it should. Having it installed correctly could save you money over time.

It's all about the standards

We would always recommend speaking to a professional carpet fitter or contacting us with any questions you may have on how to install your carpet. At Hanson Flooring we are happy to discuss all your options and as registered members of the N.I.C.F you can be confident that we will give you the facts. Hanson Flooring can help with your floor planning. We can bring a range of carpet samples to your home for you to choose from. Craig or a member of his team, will visit you in your home and help guide you through the options available to you. What better way to make your choice than seeing swatches on the floor in the very room you are looking to renew. Remove the guesswork and let the specialists help you!

So, if you live in the Liverpool area, Wirral or Cheshire, and haven’t got time enough, after a long day at work, to go around local carpet shops, call us or make contact to book a free appointment and quote

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