Laminate & Engineered Wood


Cost effective over time

Scratch resistant

Protects flooring against pet scratches


Add character with the look and feel of real wood

We supply and install engineered wood and laminate flooring so as to ensure all goes smoothly and to keep up standards.

Laminated flooring and engineered wood have a lot of benefits to offer. They both offer the look and feel of real wood. In fact, engineered wood is actually solid wood engineered into planks to offer the natural benefits of said solid wood as well as being long lasting. Engineered wood is designed to minimise against atmospheric movement making it the most stable wood product on the market. Some can even be fitted over an under-floor heating system.  They come in two main categories, wood parquet or wood planks. For homeowners looking to add some traditional character to their home, engineered wood could be the ideal choice of flooring.

All installation is subject to an initial subfloor inspection. This provides vital information on how to proceed. We carry out our own subfloor preparation as part of the process.

Tip: we recommend getting professional advice when looking to buy laminate or engineered wood flooring. Contact us and see how we can help.